Today marks the official launch of an exciting new Jellybean Creative Solutions’ platform and service for challenger brands wanting to take-off in the food and drink market. JellyPad has been created especially for innovative and disruptive brands and offers a suite of essential food PR & marketing services from our expert team who have a wealth of experience and a proven track-record in launching and growing new food and drink brands.

Founding member clients of JellyPad include no.1 cold pressed smoothie brand Savsé, fast-growing craft peanut butter brand ManiLife, artisan chocolate manufacturer Gnaw and the world’s first amino acid enriched spring water Rejuvenation Water.

Speaking about the launch of JellyPad, Neil Brenson, Group Account Director says: “Challenger brands are creating huge disruption in the UK Grocery sector right now. Categories are being shaken up like we’ve never seen before. More and more exciting on-trend brands are entering the market in response to changing consumer demands and new eating habits. But it’s certainly no easy task for new brands. In fact, it’s incredibly tough and incredibly competitive.

“As new brands scale-up they need to juggle the pressures and logistics of running their growing business, whilst at the same time trying to attract and engage new buyers, increase PR & marketing efforts behind newly listed lines and build top-of-mind consumer brand awareness and credibility. Whilst entrepreneurs are incredibly resourceful and ever-mindful of overheads there comes a point when professional external marketing help and expertise is needed. It’s a tipping point and more and more challenger brands are now turning to Jellybean to help them on the next stage of their journey and realise their growth potential.

“Through JellyPad, our challenger brand clients have access to all the same important PR, Social, Digital and Marketing services and unrivalled expertise that we offer to our big brand clients, but at a level that suits the life-stage that they are at. We know many integrated agencies of our size and calibre would turn their backs on smaller brands because they simply don’t have big enough budgets or offer the scale and prestige they look for. But not us. It’s quite simple really, we nurture our JellyPad clients and build partnerships. As they grow so does the level of business, we do with them. The smaller challenger brand clients of today are the mega-brands of the future. This is something that excites us all greatly.”

Paul Gurnell, CEO of No.1 cold pressed smoothie brand Savsé says that Jellybean really do get it when it comes to PR and Marketing for challenger brands. “In an increasingly challenging and crowded marketplace gaining cut through and relevance with retailers is harder than ever before. Moreover, finding agency partners who quickly grasp our business challenges and find creative ways of overcoming them is even more difficult.

“Choosing Jellybean as our Trade PR partner was an obvious decision for Savsé, based not only on their ability to do both, but more importantly to give us access to both key retailers and leading trade media publications.

“Since coming on board in early 2018 Neil and his team have demonstrated a dedication and passion for our brand, which I have rarely seen in my career and which has resulted in significant commercial benefit for the business. A large part of this has come from their single-minded focus on trade and utilising tools that work for your products, rather than just what is considered the latest “cool” thing to do in the industry. Put simply, they focus on what will deliver financial and brand awareness improvements for their clients…. their focus is on their client, not what will win them awards.”

Stu MacDonald, founder of craft peanut butter brand ManiLife explains how Jellybean has helped the brand to grow by over 250% year on year: “Working with the team has been eye-opening to say the least. ‘Extension of the team’ gets overused but it 100% rings true here. They’ve helped us with major pitches, activation campaigns and driven great results with PR. All of this without the need to be on top of them five days a week.”

To find out more about JellyPad and how we can help your brand to take-off please contact Neil Brenson, Group Account Director on or Tel. 01372 220 814