For at least as long as I’ve been at Jellybean (and that’s over 16 years) we’ve been proud supporters of Hospitality Action (HA) and the good work they do to support those in need across the hospitality industry.

So as the festive period rolled around and we launched our 12 Days of Giving campaign I was grateful for the chance to spend my time helping out the charity that supports the industry that’s been my livelihood for a very large part of my career.

The project I was set was to roll-out a digital platform for HA’s charitable initiative ‘Social Sunday’.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, you soon will be. The concept is a simple one – every July HA will encourage restaurants and pubs to take part in Social Sunday. Where for one Sunday during the month they will commit to raising money for HA. They might want to offer cooking lessons, get a celeb chef down and charge entry, or offer a percentage of takings or tips as a donation, all in aid of Hospitality Action. This in turn will help to increase footfall and buzz around for the restaurant or pub in question while supporting those in need within their industry.

A responsively designed, easy to use, fully CMSed website is an essential part of the campaign and a crucial tool to get the message of Social Sunday (an idea first put into practise by Jason Atherton) out to as many restaurateurs as possible. So needless to say I was the man for the job!

First off I created a full screen landing page pushing the key questions to the fore: ‘What?’, ‘When?’ & ‘How?’. Hovering over each switches the images out and clicking on each takes you through to custom landing pages answering each of those questions to ensure visitors are clued up as to exactly what Social Sunday is. Once we’d got that locked down, we moved on to the navigation, footer and donation links. Next came the events calendar so that the site could promote events at participating venues, further encouraging attendance. Then came the blog, and the gallery, which created a home for participating sites to send in or aggregate social posts post of events. Once the site was finished and ready to preview it was satisfying to think that my time from our 12 Days of Giving initiative will live on as part of this important campaign for HA. It was even more heart-warming to get such lovely feedback from the team and I look forward to seeing how the campaign grows in 2019 and beyond.

Once the ribbon’s been cut and the site is live we’ll be sure to post the link here as well as on our social channels. So keep ’em peeled and be sure to do what you can to take part – it’s bound to be fun!

For more information on the great work HA do visit

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