Jellybean is working in partnership with Plan International UK to fund the construction of five school buildings in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. The Safe School project helps refugees access safe and high quality education, reaching 39,550 children aged 3-14, many of whom will have gone through the terrifying and scarring experience of fleeing their homes in South Sudan. In Gambella they will benefit from a better education in permanent school buildings with good quality teaching and access to specialised counselling to help them overcome the challenges of being away from home.

With increased funding from the EU Jellybean’s donation will cover the building of five new classrooms along with essential books and learning materials for 700 children. Find out more about the work that Plan International UK do here.

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Our passion for food and drink across foodservice, hospitality, retail and consumer is what drives us, and has done for the last 31 years. We take an integrated approach to help our clients grow their brands and hit the sweet spot. It’s what we do and what we love. Great people, great clients, great work. Take a look below and we think you’ll see what we’re all about.


Profit sector, cost sector, out of home, on-the-go, chefs, buyers, front of house, back of house, – whatever your target, we know it inside out. Foodservice is our heartland and we’ve been trusted by leading brands to guide them through this dynamic and complex market for the past thirty years.

Convenience Retail

Convenience retail is growing fast and it can be a highly lucrative market for food and drink brands. Using our vast experience and relationships we know how to get your product flying off the shelves and even more importantly, how to get it there in the first place! From category management to retailer engagement, start-up to blue-chip brand, whatever your challenge, we can help.


Of course, we’re all consumers, but it takes a certain special magic to cut through and engage with the right creative message, on the right channel, catching your target audience at the right moment and we know just how!

Foodservice Corporate Social Responsibility

Jellybean are proud to support a variety of great charities and initiatives. It’s within our DNA to support the agency we love so much, and so if you looking to partner with a winning agency that takes foodservice corporate social responsibility seriously then look no further. Read more here.