As my two weeks at Jellybean near the end, it is the perfect time to reflect on my experience with food and drink design.

I was greeted on my first day by a very welcoming and friendly team, and briefed on what the next two weeks at Jellybean had to offer. My schedule had been thoughtfully planned allowing me to spend time with both marketing and PR teams, giving me a broad understanding of each department and the work of the company as a whole.

My schedule was jam-packed full of opportunities that have provided me with valuable skills for my future. I have worked on the agency’s Instagram, and brainstormed tweets for a range of clients, attended workshops, explored social media insights, completed coverage research and learned how to use social media scheduling websites. These skills are not only beneficial for my Media and Communications degree, but also invaluable for my future within this industry. As a result of my time at Jellybean I will be moving into my third, and final, year at university in September with up to date knowledge of the industry and a new confidence when venturing into the world of work when my studies are over.

It is so valuable to see how a company is managed, works and communicates together, and it is even better with such a friendly and enthusiastic team, that are always happy to help if you’re stuck or confused.

Finally, I’d like this opportunity to thank everyone at Jellybean that made my two weeks so worthwhile and insightful. I am leaving Jellybean feeling inspired about my potential future in a food service Marketing/ PR career.

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