As a partner of the prestigious Quality Food Awards, and with a wealth of experience in foodservice – we’re a leading foodservice marketing & PR agency if you didn’t know (!) – Jellybean was asked along to support and amplify on social media, this year’s Foodservice Quality Food Awards judging process.

With our MD, Susan Bolam, boasting 17 years’ experience in foodservice marketing, both judging and winning respected awards including FPA, CIPR, RAR, B2B Marketing, The DRUM and IPM – it was deemed only right that she join the panel to help find this year’s winners. Meanwhile, our PR and social media marketing experts attended each of the three judging days at the University of West London to cover the rigorous judging phase on social media. If you haven’t already seen, take a look at Quality Food Awards on Instagram – to view the highlights reel – as well as the live coverage on Twitter and Facebook.

With years of experience running the social accounts for an ever increasing number foodservice brands, as well as taking-over leading brands’ accounts for the duration of key events and activations, the Beans were right at home during the judging sessions.

Able to quickly and accurately identify and replicate a brand’s tone of voice, our team can confidently take-over social accounts for any period of time with a smooth transition unnoticeable to your followers. With social media your window to behind-the-scenes activity, we believe in the importance and effectiveness of allowing a team of social gurus to run your social media, documenting the exciting activity set to unfold, which in-turn allows you to do what you do best and ‘run the show’!

For those of you not familiar with the Quality Food Awards, they were launched in 1979 to recognise and reward the best in retail, wholesale and more recently, foodservice food and drink products. The Foodservice Awards category recognises the best catering products currently available to chefs and foodservice providers in the UK.

The judging process is extremely thorough and critical in order to be able to identify those foodservice products which are truly innovative and help alleviate stress in busy foodservice kitchens. The impressive judging panel is made up of food industry experts including nutritionists, dieticians, chefs, chef-lecturers, home economists, food writers, consultants, restaurateurs, food technologists and developers, category experts, brewers, distillers, Masters of Wine, company CEOs, packaging gurus, retail professionals and of course, foodservice marketing experts! After tasting and scrutinising each and every entry, judges deliberate the strengths of each product using the following criteria: taste, flavour, texture, aroma, ingredients list, innovation, packaging, presentation and price point. Unique to the Q Awards, all entrants receive written feedback from the judges, concentrating on how the product meets and satisfies the criteria, making for a completely transparent process.

We were very proud to be in a position to share this exciting process with the wider world via social media – without of course giving anything away! Good luck to those who entered including a number of our clients. Now, all that’s left is to look forward to the results and celebrations of the awards night at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on 27th September.

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