As my work experience here at Jellybean comes to an end, it has given me a chance to reflect on the week and here are my highlights.

The thought of coming into a completely new environment and being the only person my age daunted me greatly, but as soon as I set foot in the office I knew that this week was not going to be a boring one! It has been a very valuable experience for me and I have gained many skills in such a short period of time, as well as becoming more confident in new situations and willing to use my initiative. I found adjusting to office life a lot easier and smoother than I first thought it would be, and am sure I will return to my school studies a more independent and proactive learner than before.

On my first day I was introduced to all the beans and given a taste of what goes on at Jellybean by sitting in on a weekly catch-up meeting, then I got to grips with social media. The real highlights of my week were being a part of such a great team of people, and learning so much about the huge variety of jobs and tasks within the food and drink industry. From learning how to navigate a social media scheduling website, to finding out that Pantone colours play more of a role than just to look pretty, the knowledge I have gained from Jellybean will definitely be useful to me during my lifetime!

I also had time to reflect about the sort of career I would like to pursue, and my experience at Jellybean has definitely given me food for thought! I came to Jellybean without a clue as to how any sort of business was run, and having the chance to be part of a professional working environment, especially with such a friendly and inviting bunch of people, has been an educational and very worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone!

I would like to finish by saying a huuuuge thank you to everyone at Jellybean for making me feel so welcome and like a legitimate bean, and for putting aside the time to help me really experience the marketing & PR world.