The Brexit vote in 2016 hasn’t dampened our demand for global cuisine – quite the opposite in fact, with the booming street food sector encouraging us to be even more adventurous. According to the Nationwide Caterers Association, there are over 2,000 street food businesses in the UK, drawing customers to stalls, trucks and food halls offering a whole host of dishes from around the world. Last weekend, we swapped our traditional sit-down dinner and drinks for a night at Dinerama, the latest in the trend for street food markets in the heart of Shoreditch.

Once a former bullion truck depot, parent company Streat Feast has transformed the area into a buzzing 1,000 capacity venue split across two levels. With everything from Taiwanese steamed buns, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, hot pockets of Latino street eating and Japanese soul food – Dinerama is a great example of the global cuisine London has to offer. While we didn’t get the chance to visit all of the stalls at Dinerama, our stand-out favourite was the American-inspired Burger & Beyond. We highly recommend their parmesan and bacon tater tots! We had a great night at Dinerama experiencing all of the different global cuisines and can’t wait to check out Streat Feast’s other locations in the future.

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