Those of you who are familiar with the near-legendary Jellybean Blog will know it to be a regularly updated repository for all the latest news, views and insight on the foodservice, hospitality, out of home and convenience retail sector. But those of you who might be new to the party perhaps don’t. And so it is with great pleasure that we can announce, right here, right now, that we’ve been rewarded for our efforts by the Surrey Digital Awards, as we’re proud to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in the ‘Best Blog’ category. Stick the champagne on ice someone.

We’ve been committed to the blog for some time now at Jellybean. We know that our clients and prospects are busy individuals who often don’t have time to attend the myriad briefings, breakfast meetings, conferences, or to read the numerous reports and insight pieces that are released. So, we do it for them. As the food and drink agency that walks the walk, we are proud to say that for 30 years we have had a presence at all the events which shape the industry we love, as well as being the route by which a great many people read about these developments.

Whether it’s foodservice trends, foodservice insight, foodservice news and reviews, convenience trends, retail news, convenience insight, new openings, debriefs, top tips and tricks, recipes, food safaris, or simply a bit of fun for a Friday or our latest restaurant find, we are committed to ensuring that our readership can rely on our blog to give them the latest developments in this fast-paced business. And as ever we are on-trend, so you’ll notice a number of our blog posts now include video or #vlogs, helping to bring to life dishes or tours and even offer opinions and reviews.

Watch this space over the coming weeks and have everything crossed that we win our category!