Searching for winter sun usually requires adventuring far away, which becomes quite tricky for a short trip, but after some research I found the perfect place only two and a half hours away – Seville!

Arriving in the evening, we were pleasantly surprised to find we could sit outside in November and made the most of it, enjoying tapas at a local cafe. The small plates lend themselves well to trying a bit of everything from bowls of olives and plates of cured meats and cheeses, to patatas bravas, paella and a wonderful selection of gelato.

After searching for churros as an after-dinner snack we found that it is actually a breakfast treat dipped in to a silky hot chocolate – naturally it was the only way to start the day for the rest of our trip!

With temperatures reaching up to 25°C in the day, we were able to explore all that Seville has to offer. The capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region is steeped in history with many amazing places to visit from the Plaza de España next to the stunning Maria Luisa Park, to the still in use Alcázar Palace and Seville’s cathedral, one of the largest in the world.

For a more modern attraction, there is also the Metropol Parasol, known as the mushroom, which provides some much-needed shade to the square in the summer and offers breathtaking views on a clear day.

One bonus of visiting Seville out of season is the usually packed tourist highlights were practically empty, allowing us to really take it in the beauty of it all.

It was a great trip and I’d recommend it to any foodie. If you do go, make sure you take half an hour to sit and watch the world go by at one of the many cafes in the Puerta Jerez district – you won’t regret it!

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