Although conferences, seminars, briefings and alike are all crucial to help keep us up to date with the latest in the food and drink market – be it foodservice, convenience or retail – as with many things, you can’t beat some real life experience. Often in the world of foodservice marketing we can become obsessed with trends and statistics, but we really need to be out there living and breathing the market to properly understand some of the dynamics and trends at play.

That’s why we find food safaris so important to keep our finger on the pulse of the foodservice market and engaged with the coal face of hospitality. Although we often arrange food tours for our clients and are known for enjoying a meal out or ten, we also like to attend food safaris ourselves and the MCA Insight food tour is a must for us.

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With London a hot-bed of new concepts it offers the perfect venue to see the latest developments and new concepts out there. The tour, which you can get a flavour of below, helped bring to life some of the key trends including: indulgence, healthier eating, informality, eating out technology and provenance. Lots of exciting concepts and brands doing their thing and lots of food for us to enjoy! It’s a tough job, but hey, such is the life of a food and drink agency.

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