Although the weather might not always agree, summer is just about upon us. And with summer not only comes warm weather, sunny days and a generally happier population, but also a time where the BBQ can be brought out of hibernation. (Ironically, I am writing this as rain is pounding against the window).

As a South African, BBQs – or as we call them, braiis – are almost second nature. Come rain or shine, winter or summer, there is no doubt that if food is required, a BBQ will be had.

Of course, we do have the advantage of actual warm weather for more than a few days a year, so perhaps we don’t hold the same kind of excitement as people in the UK do.

Our BBQ has lasted us years. It is quite literally my dad’s pride and joy. It has survived numerous house moves, parties, birthdays, dinner parties, weather conditions, and still cooks as good as ever.

With Jellybean’s 30th anniversary coinciding with National BBQ Week last week, it couldn’t have been more fitting than to celebrate with a backyard BBQ (courtesy of CEO Fiona) with all the beans and the extended bean family.

What was masked as a ‘simple BBQ’ was really a lavish feast of epic proportions. Starters included Parmesan bolitas, tomato and vodka consommé, pickled hotdogs, and for the more adventurous, seared wood pigeon – all outstanding, and even if the meal had ended there we’d have all been more than pleased.

What followed was a BBQ enthusiasts dream – king prawn skewers, butterflied shoulder of lamb, pork belly and a selection of local butchers sausages, all cooked to perfection and washed down with a fine selection of wine and a bit of fizz.

No matter how full anyone was by this point, there was no chance of skipping dessert once the selection came out – lemon soufflé, a chocolate and prune torte, and ‘whatalappan’ – a Sri Lankan coconut & cashew crème caramel that was too delicious to resist.

After a wonderful evening of great company, excellent hospitality, and a BBQ to put any South African to shame, it was time to leave (not without our leftovers!).

With that drew a close to National BBQ Week, and while the official week may have ended, summer is only just beginning, so dust off those tongs, reload the gas bottles and prepare for a few months (fingers crossed!) of BBQ food galore!

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