Shopper marketing and shopper loyalty in convenience can sometimes be unnecessarily over-complicated and over-thought. That’s the positive conclusion I came to after attending the him! Convenience Tracker Programme (CTP) Unveil event. The headline findings show it’s all pretty simple stuff as to why convenience shoppers shop and what needs to be done to keep them coming back and spending more.

This revelation of course has not come about without a huge amount of effort and insight on behalf of him! who conducted hundreds of interviews with convenience shoppers to develop such a comprehensive and valuable report. I am of course just scratching the surface here, but the biggest single insight for me is that convenience shoppers who rate their in-store experience highly will visit more often, spend more money and are likely to recommend the store to their friends. Simples!

The more challenging thing of course is how you get that in-store experience right. These are 5 things from him! that make in-store experiences great:-

1. Fresh and appetising ranges

2. Striking merchandising

3. High-store standards

4. Easy to navigate fixtures

5. Friendly and helpful staff

Shoppers who rate in-store experience as 9 or more out of 10 will visit the store 50% more often and spend 42% more than other shoppers. These same shoppers have a bigger basket size on average +16% and they are 32% more likely to recommend the store to others.

That’s it. It really is that simple! So let’s just get on and do it! But wait… with everything in life, it’s easy to know what to do, it’s harder to actually get it done.

So it does of course all come down to the execution and delivery of in-store experience. And if execution really was that simple then every convenience store in the land would already be doing it and I frankly wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Delivering brilliant in-store experience in convenience requires stores and suppliers to work together. It requires a much deeper understanding of shopper missions and shopper profiles, not just based on demographics but on changing behaviour and attitudes (him! also unveiled 6 new shopper types for convenience). Also better understanding and seeing what people do in-store rather than just what they say they do in store is important. So together we need to build the right joint plans, create engaging brand campaigns that connect with shoppers along the path to purchase and bring them to life in-store as part of that overall highly enjoyable shopping experience.

Brands therefore need to cut through, engage and educate retailers as much as they do with shoppers. And of course there’s lots of help at hand for retailers and brands when it comes to execution. Our convenience retail team here at Jellybean work together with leading brands and retailers to help deliver trade marketing, shopper marketing and experiential – so if you want to find out more you can email: or call: 01372 109191

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