Forget Pokémon Go, Snapchat filters and the Mannequin Challenge, there’s a new craze taking over Jellybean Towers in the form of an activity tracker – the Fitbit.

Six of us Beans have already been swayed by the brightly coloured wristbands which promise to track your activity, sleep and food intake.

A competitive bunch, we can often be found competing in weekly challenges to reach our step goals. These challenges result in hilarious attempts to up our steps during the working day – from racing to let the postie in, multiple trips upstairs to our in-house Studio team or simply an extended shop around Waitrose on our lunch break.

Since the Fitbit has become part of our daily routine, I keep spotting the devices out and about in Leatherhead. Indeed, with 23.2 million active users* you are bound to bump into someone wearing a Fitbit while strolling through your local park, shopping centre or airport.

Whether you are new to fitness or are a total gym bunny, there’s something oddly satisfying about reaching your daily steps goal and seeing the fireworks display on your Fitbit. And once you start hitting your step goal, there’s no going back.

*Fitbit, 2017

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