It has to be said that to the foodservice outsider it may seem like the Jellybeans lead a charmed life, filled with posh dinners and glamorous venues – and they’d not be far wrong to be honest.

Just to add to our friends’ level of jealousy, Wednesday was the National Burger Awards where the best burger chefs in the country competed to earn the coveted title of overall winner at the awards. Hosted at the slightly more edgy venue of the Islington Metal Works, H20 Publishing’s Casual Dining Magazine and Pub & Bar Magazine put on a day of cook-offs across a signature round, technical round and Booker Mystery Box round.

The winner of each round was revealed at the awards hosted by DJ BBQ and Tristan O’Hara, Group Editor at H20. Whilst the finalists waited eagerly to heat the results, the sponsors; including our lovely client Danish Crown; sampled their wares to a hungry throng, most of whom had hot-footed it from the Casual Dining Show just up the road. The overall winner, who walked away with both the trophy and £1,000 prize money, was Glenn Evans of Las Iguanas, who we have been lucky enough to work with recently. But it has to be said that all the burgers looked amazing! Well done to all the competitors, finalists, winners and sponsors, not to mention the team at H20 for putting on a great night.