Have you heard of Acai? No, then let me Google that for you.

Truly life changing little berries that, when blended into a smoothie along with other exotic fruits, poured into a bowl and topped with cool coconut yogurt and chunky granola is simply life changing.

I recently discovered them on a trip to Sydney in a gorgeous little place called Bare Naked Bowls. Great name. This was a simple, yet fascinating (well I think so) concept consisting of solely great coffee and these bloody brilliant breakfast bowls, all made with a base of acai. There’s something about the confidence of keeping your menu simple and fuss free that I find really attractive in an eatery.

Upon my return, I have been checking out the local acai scene which, according to Google, is pretty prevalent in London. Even Veggie Pret is in on this phenomenon.

As we’ve learnt from our faithful insight sources MCA and Horizons, consumers are increasingly eating breakfast out of home (there was a rise of 10% in 2015*) so I’d expect to see items like these popping up on menus across the UK. Fingers crossed for a Bare Naked Bowls pop-up in Leatherhead soon. Minus the rain.

*Horizons, 2015

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