This was the final day of a long but definitely extraordinary week spent at foodservice public relations agency, Jellybean for work experience. Honestly it’s been great, everyone has been overwhelmingly kind and informal, contrary to my previous belief that adults in a workplace were kind of stuck up and formal, setting you work to do without help and getting mad at you if you did something wrong or didn’t know how to do something.

But that theory went out the window as soon as I came in on my first day. Everyone here has been very welcoming towards me and I really did learn a lot about what it’s like to be in the working world. I’m glad I chose Jellybean for work experience, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had as good a time somewhere else as I did here. I ‘m sorry for being cliché, but if I were to rate the week out of ten, it would have to be an eleven.

At first I was really nervous about the kind of work they would give me, and if they would mind my mannerisms and slight OCD when concerning presentation based work. When meeting and working with new people I tend to get a bit awkward, not to mention my notorious lack of ability to do “Small Talk”. However, from my first day the amazing people at Jellybean welcomed and helped me and now at the end of the week I can say I really feel more confident when working or talking to people, despite my original introversion.

The work set for me each day was always fun, even if it was something rather mundane like filing or copying websites, as the constant music or chat made everything entertaining. Nothing set was too challenging or too easy either, and if stuck with something there was always someone to turn to. Here’s a summary of what I was set over the course of the week:  researching and creating mood boards of photography and video ideas; analysing websites created by Jellybean; sorting client logos; finding background music; copying website data; and lastly, sorting magazines.

I would highly recommend work experience here at Jellybean, it was most definitely enjoyable and I learned a ton about what it’s like to work in a design agency whilst still having fun. Thank you to everyone working at Jellybean, I had a wonderful week thanks to all of you lovely people and would love to come again for a summer internship if you’ll have me!

A Temporary Bean,

Honey Thackery

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