Foodservice PR AgencyFor a foodie, one of the best things about a holiday may not be the sun, sea or sand but actually the breakfast buffet prepared by the hotel each morning.

The array of brightly coloured fruits, cheeses, freshly baked pastries and breads, alongside the more traditional bacon and eggs is certainly a tasty way to set you up for your daily adventures.

Recently, myself and two friends from high school travelled to Tenerife for a girly holiday. Filled with spa days, water parks, zoo visits, card games and shopping it was an action packed holiday in the brilliant Tenerife sunshine. We especially loved the sales patter and being called ‘sexy bananas’ was a holiday highlight.

With a chance of a siesta at 2pm, a casual drink with breakfast is socially acceptable in Tenerife. Our hotel laid out vodka, cava and tomato juice along with a detailed Mimosa recipe in multiple languages. We had to try this – it  would have been rude not to!

My personal breakfast favourite was simply the glazed doughnut. A sweet addition to a savoury plate of chorizo and bread, this was European breakfast food at its finest.

If you’re chasing the sunshine and are after a relaxed culture with a diverse range of food, consider Tenerife. A welcome change of pace from the hustle and bustle of England, Tenerife is a well-deserved classic holiday destination with world class tourist attractions.

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