Foodservice PR Agency - To Kiss or not to KissMy first month at Jellybean is now at a close and like time in general, it has flown by. So now I feel less like a ‘new’ Bean and more like an ‘old’ Bean, which is probably more fitting.

Like all those who start at a company, or in fact are new anywhere, I was very aware of those crucial, sometimes awkward first impressions. A particular situation that seems to feature most in these scenarios is the initial greeting, whether it is a client, friend or colleague. What struck me most when I joined Jellybean is that, more often than not, I was kissed by the client, even at the first meeting which, I found quite unusual. One of our clients even commented “that is what we do now”.
Was this a new way of breaking down barriers? I would be very interested to know if this is indeed the norm between agencies and clients. What is the current protocol? I am sure this has been covered in many a magazine but it seems to have passed me by. Perhaps this could be a potential subject to cover in training? Sometimes a handshake/hug/kiss mishap leads to awkwardness, which is fine – but if you’re not careful, it can lead to an unwanted kiss, or worse; head-butting. It did happen to a friend who I believe is still recovering from the embarrassment.

It does not appear that there is any difference between sexes when it comes to the initial greeting. If anything it comes across slightly chivalrous from men. In this respect do we follow our European counterparts more than our American colleagues? In America kissing is seen as very personal and reserved for family and loved ones. However, in contrast their neighbours in Mexico kiss everyone!

The relationship between client and agency has always been an interesting one, and one to nurture and build on so that it becomes an extension of the company. At Jellybean it is evident from the relationships we have developed with our clients that we are very much seen as part of the company’s marketing team.

I am very proud to have become a Bean and to be part of the fantastic work that is created by Jellybean within the foodservice industry. I also look forward to kissing plenty more clients – haha.

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