Foodservice Marketing - A Foodie Up NorthThis long awaited weekend just gone, was a perfect blend of friends, food, cocktails, beer and more food! On our 7th annual city break, six girlfriends and I took the super speedy Virgin train to Manchester, to spend time catching up, having laughs, drinks, and eating in some fabulous places.

No sooner had we jumped off the train and dumped our bags in the apartment, we headed out the door to Almost Famous in the Northern Quarter which was very handily five doors down from us. Now one of four restaurants, all based in the North, Almost Famous certainly appears to be making a mark in the casual dining arena. With a quick check on the website, we established the rules:


You could be forgiven for missing it, just an A-Board on the High Street, with a doorway revealing some seriously steep stairs, but as it’s ‘One to Watch’ according to insight experts Horizons’ 2015 report, my eagle eye noticed the sign and in we went.

There is nothing classic about the menu in Almost Famous. The ultimate in great comfort food with a twist. Fries come topped with Bacon Rain, marmite butter or even popping candy. Burger fillings go from the sublime (shoestring onions, ‘Bacon Bacon Mayo’ and frazzles) to the ridiculous (Cheerios and Strawberry Pop Tarts). As my adventurous side doesn’t stretch to pop tarts, I selected the Johnny Mac – the perfect burger in my mind, topped with a Mac‘n’Cheese Ball.

Foodservice Marketing - A Foodie Up North - Cocktails and MenuWith burgers remaining the No.1 item on casual dining menus* it’s little wonder that the twisted up menu @AlmostFamousNQ is a hit. Take a look at the menu, and if ever you are in Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds, rock up and test your taste buds!

*Source: Horizons Menu Trends Report. February 2016

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