Foodservice Public Relations - February 1st, the new January 1stHas your dry January turned into “I only had a couple of glasses because it was my friend’s 30th” and “I couldn’t not!”? Or is that shiny gym membership card in your new sports bag you got for Christmas gathering cobwebs? And as for the 5:2 diet, let me guess, it’s more 7:0 now…

Finally, what is perceived as the worst month of the year is coming to a close, and it seems our January health kicks came to an end very rapidly, with most people giving up on the 17th January (it’s even marked National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day!). But is it any wonder that the nation only lasts just over two weeks before indulging in the leftover Christmas Thornton’s, and splurging on a glass of red, we had been stuffing ourselves with mince pies and washing those down with prosecco for the past month after all…we deserve more than a lettuce leaf!

So, as it’s time to start dreaming of your summer holiday now that all festivities are FINALLY over, why not kick start your health regime in February?

Here are just a few reasons why February 1st should be your January 1st:

  1. You aren’t going to be queuing for the treadmill in the gym, let’s face it… nobody is in there anymore!
  2. You’ve finally been paid after what has felt like a lifetime! So do a big food shop and start meal prepping for the weeks ahead and be sure to add any meals out into your diary in advance.
  3. It’s a shorter month… less days to countdown until you break your dry spell and can have that drink on the 1st of March!
  4. The mornings aren’t as dark so exercising before work may be slightly more appealing than snoozing your alarm three times.

So as February 1st quickly approaches, it’s time to don those lycra leggings, start that holiday countdown and prep your meals in advance…February is a shorter month after all.

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