So, the time came for me to pick a work experience placement and with my favourite and keen interests in art and English top of mind, a design agency seemed like the way to go. I set out to scour the internet to find a friendly design agency in Surrey. Lo and behold, dazzled by the orange effulgence of the website header, I discovered foodservice digital agency Jellybean. I was immediately charmed by the smiling aesthetic and chirping tone of the text and I found myself marvelling at the strength and consistency of brand running through the website. Other, less engaging, design agencies had drifted past my observation as they took a neutral stance, opting for a ‘blank canvas’ approach. Jellybean Creative Solutions, however, boldly presented their charismatic and vivacious spirit. Excited by their brand personality and impressed by their client list I only enquired with Jellybean and was duly rewarded with a resounding yes. Phew……..

A week into my two week placement I’m still confident that I made the right choice. Firstly, there is a room full of multicoloured beanbags and a sign on the girl’s bathroom that says “jellybabes” and a series of delightful custom made sticky notes adorning most surfaces. Unlike the work experience placement in which my friend dwells, nobody has sneezed in my face, bitten my leg or pulled out a chunk of my hair (she’s working in a nursery) so I consider myself lucky. I spent my first day writing a blog on steak from my favourite restaurant which was soon featured on the Jellybean website! The next day, the very same restaurant emailed me commending my work and offering me a free meal for two! You see, Jellybean and food are like Ant and Dec (you can’t have one without the other). Amongst riveting conversations about whether chocolate should be kept in the cupboard, fridge or freezer I’ve also delved into the ever complex world of press releases; it truly is a feat of man to communicate so much information so clearly and quickly. On day three I was up in the design department. Like a potato with arms I floundered with the elaborate software until I was commissioned to design 5 infographics using my old friends; pencil and paper. A significant merit of the design floor is the range of euro pop, R&B and alternative rock you will hear. Amongst the spotify playlist and the frequent banter breaks, you’d be surprised how much work gets done. I watched an important logo get designed to a deadline, and with 5 minutes on the clock the team had decided exactly how much green should in fact be used.

Everyday so far I’ve been having so much fun I’ve been reluctant to take a lunch break, today I altogether forgot! (But it’s okay because I had a mega pack of prawn crackers in my bag) I’m pretty sure that Jellybean is the best place to work for miles around: Everyone is a friendly bean, radiating the day glow orange charisma we see in the website, not to mention the smiling presence of coco the Labrador, often sprawled on the floor between 3 desks, awaiting attention. Even though it’s barely my second week here, I can’t even develop a marginal hint of discontentment vaguely associated with the idea of Mondays yet. Did I mention there’s a mini golf set in the design room?

Jellybean Creative is a leading foodservice marketing and foodservice digital agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.

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