Having only just finished my student career, and spending the last 21 years being referred to as Jilly Bean, it was almost fate, and definitely something I couldn’t turn down when the opportunity arose to spend a few weeks getting some work experience with foodservice digital agency Jellybean.

Studying Journalism and PR for the last 3 years allowed me the chance to discover all kinds of fields I potentially wanted to explore in-depth as a career, but my graduation came at the right time. I definitely felt I was ready to put endless days (and nights) in the library behind me, and replace it with some real life experience in the working world.

Don’t get me wrong, my 6.30am alarm was to come as a bit of a shock after three years of having no real need to get out of bed until 10am but I was too excited to sleep and made it out of bed before the piercing sound of ducks quacking was due to wake me up.

Upon entering the office, I was greeted by, what can only be described as a beautiful symphony of welcomes, hellos and smiles from my future fellow beans. The smiles on their faces were setting a precedent for just how happy the team was to be at work… regardless of it being a Monday morning.

While I’ve only been here a few days now, I love every minute of it and already know that when the day comes when I have to leave – knowing me – I will get emotional.

I really do want to test out all of the different aspects of the marketing and PR world, but where I seem to have become a social media expert in my own time I feel like this could potentially be my forte in the working world as well – only time will tell.

But what I have learnt so far is that behind everything you see online, and on paper in your day to day life, there is more than meets the eye. There is a wonderful group of hardworking beans that get a thrill out of making these things as exciting and fulfilling as they can possibly be.

I’ve always been a bit nosey, and a massive people watcher, and through observation within the office, there’s one predominant thing I have noticed – it all comes so naturally to them. While this is daunting to me, it’s also (excuse the cheese) inspiring. There’s always one person as a kid you aspire to be, but something tells me over the next few weeks… it will no longer be just one person for me, it will be a group of hard working people… the beans – and I’m like a kid at Christmas with my level of excitement.

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