Food PR Agencies - I never knew I liked Blueberries...Until I visited America late last year and had several amazing breakfasts, that all seemed to include them. Never one to waste anything, it didn’t seem such a hardship to eat some goodness in the Big Apple (one of my five a day) along with the crispy bacon, french toast and maple syrup! What a lovely sweet and savoury start to the day. I now even put them on my porridge and eat them as a snack as I try and lose weight for my daughters wedding in three weeks time!

Perhaps this could be a third breakfast option in this country after the fantastic Full English and the lighter continental, how about a Full US? However, I was told recently by a foodservice consultant, that it has been tried in the UK by major hotel chains, but consistently fails to sell, guests preferring to fill up on the Full English!

While there, my wife Gill and I tried several amazing restaurants, one of the best was The Brooklyn Diner, made from what looked like an old railway carriage. We got there too late for lunch, so booked in for early evening dinner, and went exploring. We immediately came across a popup food market where all manner of street food was displayed… from bruffins to bamboo bites and cheddbread to pigs in blankets. Foodservice trends and outlets that maybe coming our way in the future?

Back to the amazing diner where traditional bar stools and typically american decor enthralled us! Such fantastic food as well. Brilliantly simple but so delicious. Starter of fried beans and griddled corn. Gone in an instant. Then the best burger in the world.?.. probably, but one in a beach restaurant in Portugal also comes close. This was the real thing though, in the right location with all the right ambience. Why is it that food tastes better in the right location? I can still taste it now. If you ever get the chance – it is well worth a visit.

Not quite so good however was Katz Diner, yes the place where that scene from Where Harry Met Sally was filmed. We definitely didn’t get the same thrill, but we did take our Jellybean with us for the experience. Though can someone please explain to me the tipping system in the US… levels unheard of in the UK – our experience certainly didn’t warrant anywhere near these kind of tips!

A thoroughly enjoyable trip and another yet sweet/savoury combo goes on my ok list, along with sweet and salted popcorn and salted caramel chocolate. I absolutely draw the line at peanuts in chocolate though! Can’t think why people think I’m fussy!

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