Foodservice Marketing AgencyI don’t normally feel the impulse to share recipes with the rest of the world, but this is one I must!

If you’re a burger fan like me, and love the likes of Shake Shack, Meat Liquor and Hawksmoor (to name a few) then this is a recipe for you!

I cheated slightly as I didn’t make my own burgers, as I already had good quality steak burgers in the freezer, but I don’t think this mattered too much – they still tasted delicious! In fact, as long as you have good quality, thick steak burgers I’d encourage it!

I especially like the technique of brushing the burgers with mustard and Tabasco Chipotle sauce as they cook to build up the seasoning. Delicious!

So ‘what’s the recipe?’ I hear you scream! It’s a Jamie Oliver (who else) recipe for the INSANITY BURGER – from part of his recent ‘Comfort Food’ series.

I’m not sure I can do it much more justice in words, so check out my pic and take a look at the recipe, I urge you to make it!!

Find the recipe online here

PS: It’s great with sweet potato fries (as we had)!

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