As a newbie to foodservice, I was excited to attend my first foodie photo shoot last month. As well as being able to sample each of the recipes made (all for research and testing of course), I also had great fun setting up the composition of the shots to ‘create a scene’ and assist the photographer with ensuring the food looked as good in the photos as it did right in front of me.

Here’s a summary of my top five learnings from the shoot:

1)Be PROPared – Although the food is the main star of the shot, it is important to set the scene. Make sure you have a selection of props to hand including table cloths, cutlery, bowls, side dishes, sauces and even salt and pepper pots. Think about what the shot is needed for and the scene that needs to be created – the viewer will acknowledge this subconsciously.

2)Plan ahead – Prior to the shoot, trial different settings and compositions for each shot incorporating props. Try to imagine what angles the food would be shot from. This is all trial and error, and planning ahead for this will save time on the day and help contribute to the success of the shot.

3)Be prepared to improvise – Things can look very different through a lens to right in front of you. The ideas you had for a shot may not shoot well so be prepared to improvise on the day, and if something isn’t working, try a new angle and think outside the box.

4)Add moisture to maintain freshness – When food is sat around, it can start to look dry, which isn’t going to look good in photographs. Have some water to hand to spritz or a brush of oil to bring the shots back to life.

5)Look out for the little details – Watch out for the little details, for example polished cutlery, spillages, and clean linen. These little details will make a big difference to the success of the final shot.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so plan ahead and consider the above tips to ensure you create the perfect shot!

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