Public Relations Foodservice - New TrendsIn 2014 we saw the rise of quinoa, the Nutribullet juicing anything in its path, gluten-free everything, the god that is coconut water and predominantly here at Jellybean…the humble lemon (in hot water). But what’s looking hot for 2015?

Freekeh – Said to be the new quinoa which can be used in place of rice. High in protein and fibre it’s a win win for all those January dieters

Hummus – Can be spread on EVERYTHING (apparently) and it can help with weight management…bonus!

Cocktails with beer – Perfect for those macho men who don’t want to be seen sipping a Bellini

Matcha – Move over green tea, this tea blend is filled with antioxidants and health benefits

Flexitarianism – Become a vegetarian for just one day a week. Why? To prevent diseases and help aid weight loss

Bee pollen – For use in cereals and with fruit, it’s great for the skin and boosting those energy levels!

But what’s not?

Olive oil – Avocado oil, coconut oil and almond oil will replace traditional olive oil in the coming year

Juice cleanses – It’s all about healthy foods and detox teas to flush out those toxins this year!

Bread and pasta – Sweet potatoes, beans, rice, quinoa and freekeh look to substitute these heavy carbs

Why not kickstart 2015 by following these ‘hots’ and ‘nots’. Keep us updated on Twitter and Instagram (@JellybeanAgency), we’re always on the lookout for a bit of healthy food-inspo.

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