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Wrap Safe

wrapmaster-logoThe Task

With the primary business objective of getting a Wrapmaster in every professional kitchen in the UK, Wrapmaster tasked Jellybean to develop a fresh campaign for 2016 and build on the success of the award-winning Wrap Smart campaign.

The Solution

The last year has seen chefs and caterers under ever growing pressure to adhere to food hygiene standards, with a plethora of food safety headlines appearing in the press, including operators with low ratings being publicly named and shamed. Recommended by health practitioners, Jellybean identified the opportunity to position Wrapmaster as a key component to keeping kitchens clean and streamlining operations.

The Wrap Safe Campaign was developed to raise awareness of the benefits of having a Wrapmaster in a professional kitchen, helping to keep it hygienic and safe which in turn could have a positive impact on their FHRS score.

The Campaign

The integrated campaign first focused on educating caterers on the effect a poor hygiene rating can have on businesses. Consumer insight was completed and analysed, with the research findings summarised into an infographic, as well as infobites which were used across marketing, PR and social.

To highlight how easy cross-contamination is in a kitchen using a cutterbox, a ‘Black Light’ video was filmed to show the positive impact introducing a Wrapmaster can have in improving hygiene. Working with respected Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, Melissa Thompson, additional video footage was filmed with Melissa as spokesperson, offering top tips on their YouTube channel.

The second focus was to drive engagement and product trial. To do this a ‘Food Hygiene Quiz’ was developed with Melissa’s input. Everyone who took part received a Free Wrapmaster and high scorers were entered into a prize draw to win an iPhone.

Jellybean created a campaign logo and built a Wrap Safe microsite to house the quiz, video and information on the Wrapmaster range.

Wrap Safe was supported with high impact digital advertising, proactive press releases, the targeting of relevant features as well social media through Twitter, to create a fully integrated campaign based on solid consumer insight.

“Jellybean has delivered a fantastic campaign through Wrap Safe that has been received well by Wrapmaster customers, end users and our sales team. The Wrap Safe website, black light video, infographic and supporting material have communicated clear messages on consumer insight on ‘Scores on the doors’ and how Wrapmaster dispensers can be part of a robust food hygiene programme preventing cross contamination. End user engagement and the endorsement and support of Wrapmaster by Safer Food Scores through Wrap Safe have been great.”
Mike Lewis
Wrapmaster Channel Marketing Manager – Foodservice

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Jellybean Creative is a leading foodservice agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.