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My little taste of Europe

Posted on 11th December 2014 in Jellybean News
Written by: Olivia Drake

europe-tripLast Sunday I was sitting on a plane back from Madrid (my final tourist destination for 2014), when I remembered I haven’t written about my latest foodie adventures. So what better way to give an update of my last four months, than with a journey following my destinations and some of the best eateries on the way.


Without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities and historical destinations in the world, Rome does not disappoint when it comes to fine food! ‘When in Rome’ as they say, hop on the metro for five minutes outside of the main centre to Trastevere where you will be surrounded by an abundance of ‘local’ restaurants, all of which come highly recommended.


Out of the five, Milan was my least favourite hot spot but not at all affected by the delicious pizza and carafe of wine enjoyed at the Royal Restaurant.  A shopper’s paradise (perfect for me), Milan was the ideal stop-gate on route to Venice where you can enjoy a haven of shops and tasty Italian food all in one place.


I doubt I need to say much, as we all know the true beauty of Venice before we get there, but pictures definitely do not do it justice.  If you pay a visit to Venice, then I would certainly advise visiting Osteria Di Santa Marina a stunning little bar/restaurant on the back streets of Venice. We enjoyed some delicious small plates and Prosecco amongst their buzzy atmosphere and lovely staff!


Lancelot’s – a quirky take on medieval Hungary; Lancelot’s was a bundle of fun with great food, atmosphere and entertainment. Greeted by knights and fair maidens, you automatically feel as though you are taken back hundreds of years to the times when they drank out of clay pots, ate feasts fit for a king and were entertained by the likes of jesters, jousters and flame throwers.  The food was delicious and a real portrayal of Hungarian food from this period, and not forgetting their Hungarian Goulash, which is most certainly not to be missed.


Venta El Buscon – in Madrid there is no better way to enjoy a delicious Spanish meal than tapas and a glass or two of red wine! I can highly recommend Venta El Buscon restaurant for anyone visiting Madrid, a local Spanish restaurant with busy waiters (who don’t stop!) and absolutely delicious food! A mixture of tapas plates and bottle of vino came to just 27 Euros… you can’t complain!

Well that’s it for now.. as for 2015 we’ll have to wait and see!

Jellybean Creative is a leading food service public relations agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.