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Foodservice Trends at the Arena Christmas Lunch

Posted on 3rd December 2014 in Industry News, Insight
Written by: Laura Ness

Food PR Agency - Arena Xmas LunchI recently had the pleasure of attending my first Arena Lunch (and a Christmas lunch at that) which was being held at the rather plush Mandarin Oriental, in Hyde Park London.

The day kicked off with an insightful presentation from the brilliant Horizons team, who took us on a recap tour of 2014 (a romp through the year if you will) and their thoughts and predictions for the year ahead. Points of note included:

  • No surprises here but consumers are demanding a more diverse menu, and catering for their wide range of dietary requirements is becoming increasingly more mainstream. It’s important though that caterers embrace the needs of their customers in an interesting and innovative way – they won’t settle for a mundane gluten-free option anymore! There’s also low-salt, omega 3 rich, superfood diets to tackle.
  • American cuisine remains a strong source of inspiration for the industry as a whole, with many operator brands now focussing on specific regionality – crafting localised dishes to keep their customers interested. There’s a growing demand for hot dogs, vegetable burgers and flat iron steaks, all with a regional twist of course.
  • Frantically fast moving, the casual dining market is expected to show a move towards ‘well-being’ in the coming years – not necessarily just low calorie, but dishes reflecting an overall sense of goodness. Tossed was cited as one to watch here.
  • Also a big influencer in the casual dining market, reflecting a shift in the way people are eating out (more frequently but spending less per occasion), is the consumer demand for speed of service and the effect this is having on operator menus.
  • There’s been an increase in the amount of people eating out at lunchtime (risen to 45%), the same goes for breakfast and snacking (both at 9%), with dinner decreasing to 37% of all the meals eaten OOH. An interesting trend that Jellybean as the leading foodservice marketing and PR agency, will be keeping a close eye on.
  • Airports and motorway service stations are being looked upon as increasingly lucrative opportunities for grab and go operators as consumers continue to demand more choice wherever they may be (I know I do!). Also, worth a note, is that the number of office spaces based at motorway service stations is expected to rise.
  • Looking forward to 2015, the top three influencers for the year were noted as:
    – The effect that increased regulations will have on the industry (eg Allergens)
    – Authentic ethnic cuisine
    – Increasing number of consumers buying into the well-being lifestyle

The food at the event was excellent and the speaker, Greg Lawson, CEO of Smart Group, who was interviewed by rugby star Matt Poole, was really making me chuckle with his tales from his Christmas Company days back in the 90s (the hay day of corporate Christmas parties Greg claims!)

All in all a really good, insightful day and I’m looking forward to the next already.

Jellybean Creative is a leading foodservice marketing and communications agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.