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Jellybean Awarded a Merit at MAA Best Awards

Posted on 7th March 2014 in Awards, Uncategorized
Written by: Susan Bolam

Food PR Agencies - Develop Marketing Agency TalentHere at Jellybean we’re all about the people! Our ‘beans’ make us what we are and without them there would be no Jellybean (a terrible thought!). The work we do for our clients and their brands is quite simply the product of a talented team of people. From design to copywriting , project management to press relations, we all have our particular skills. So when it comes to developing our talent we take it very seriously. And that is why in November 2013 we submitted an entry for the prestigious MAA Best Awards under the category of ‘Development of Agency Talent’. Our internal campaign was entitled ‘Be The Best Bean You Can Be!’ and focused on how we develop talent throughout the agency from our apprentices to all levels of management including the leadership team.  We are committed to developing our ‘beans’ whatever their level or career stage. The entry detailed how we have developed bright young people through our apprenticeship scheme, enabling them to learn on the job whilst still gaining relevant academic and vocational skills and of course earning a wage (rather than racking up university debt). It also highlighted our extensive and comprehensive programme of internal workshops, our appraisal and development scheme and our investment in external training  and qualifications for our people based on their individual needs to enable them to be the best bean they can be.  Much to our delight we were shortlisted!

Then as many of you will be aware (especially if you follow us on Twitter) last night saw the MAA announce the winners of its Best Awards at their fabulous black tie ‘do’ and… wait for it, we were thrilled to receive a Merit! It was a timely tribute to the commitment we have made to the programme and our belief in our exceptional people including our talented young apprentices, as we are currently in the midst of Annual National Apprenticeship Week. In fact you may have read the recent blog written by Amelia and Katie (two of our apprentices) entitled ‘Earning While You’re Learning’.

In a nutshell the criteria for the award was: “This award is for an agency to demonstrate innovation and success in terms of developing its people. It could be a single event, a series of activities or an overall talent development strategy.” And as a smaller independent agency, up against the big boys and networked agencies with big HR departments and budgets we feel pretty proud of our ‘Merit’.

Of course our congratulations go to all the winners and fellow ‘Merit’ holders representing the best and the brightest in today’s agency world. To view the full winners list click here. Thanks also must go to the MAA and their team for all their hard work shortlisting, judging and of course the event itself. Well done and we look forward to next year’s!

Now we’re off to the pub to toast our success – it is Friday after all!

Jellybean Creative is a leading foodservice marketing and communications agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.