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Another Day, Another Social Media Report…

Posted on 17th April 2013 in Interesting Stuff
Written by: Andy Wickes

You might be forgiven for thinking that, but our friends at B2B Marketing have done some very useful research into Social Media which we thought we might share.

Well, an ‘executive summary anyway’.

No surprises as to who came out top as the most popular channels used by brands in B2B – Twitter and Linkedin are still up there as the top two in that order. 85% of respondents to the survey have a Twitter presence, but interestingly they failed to adopt new users in the previous 12 months since the last report. Linkedin saw growth of 5% and YouTube 11%. We don’t think that this indicates the beginning of a decline in Twitter’s omnipresence though – merely a plateau while other services (most with recent and significant releases of new features) catch up.

This from David Petherick at

“If you think Twitter is too noisy, you are not using the right filters and listening tools. People may well be looking elsewhere for the next new shiny thing, but Twitter remains a goldmine – especially if you take a ‘big data’ view of its content.”

So there’s life in the old bird yet then.

Twitter again came out top as the most effective channel for Social Media and the rate of tweeting (up 300% on last year!) backs this up. That equates to an increase of 13 to 49 per month by brands using Twitter.

A downside to this is an impression that Twitter is getting ‘noisier’ than ever, with followers facing an enormous amount of data being presented to you – unless a clear and effective strategy is in place, along with enterprise level tools to filter, measure and schedule this information, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the timeline. The report makes a good point by comparing Twitter to email as an ‘easy win’ in Social Media – an easy channel to adopt and run with – with time we are learning that an effective approach to Twitter is what is required to cut through this mass of communication and get your message heard.

Responses indicate that the future holds a decline in popularity for Twitter also – 76 per cent of respondents consider Twitter to be the most useful social platform at present but only 50 per cent reported that they expected Twitter would be the most useful platform in 12 months’ time. Such is the ever-changing landscape of Social Media.

So if Twitter is set for a decline, what do we imagine might take its place in the ascendancy? Well, for a lot of people, it’s Google + – despite failing to set the world alight since its launch, its relationship with the search giant give it an undeniable advantage in SEO terms alone. Google seem set to continue investment and ensure it gains a serious foothold in Social circles, so we can expect to see adoption increase in coming years. This isn’t to say that some serious skepticism still exists as to Google +’s usefulness in B2B – some feel that Twitter and Linkedin still serve the need for conversation in the social space far better than Google + would, but it is clear from responses that Google + is very much ‘one to watch’ in 2013/2014.

For a full overview of the report click here.

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