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New Horizons

Posted on 18th March 2013 in Industry News
Written by: Laura Ness

Here at Jellybean we’re always looking for ways to better our knowledge of our specialist subject – the foodservice market. With new Jellybabies joining and some of the bigger Beans (Jen and I) moving up the ranks, we felt the time was right to enlist the expertise of a dedicated trainer and industry veteran, Peter Backman from Horizons. His mission, if he wished to accept it, was to come along to Jellybean HQ and give us a de-brief on the latest goings-on in the away from home market base.

Fuelled by a retro buffet including pineapple and cheese on sticks (thank you Amelia) we were ready to digest a day packed with facts! We kicked off with an overview of the foodservice market as a whole, moving onto looking at each segment in-depth. We concluded on a thought-provoking discussion on where the market is going.

We all know everyone loves a good stat – perfect for throwing into conversations^, so here goes with a few we thought we’d share…

  • Food & drink sales to consumers in the UK in 2012 were worth £43.5 billion*
  • The foodservice market serves 8 billion meals a year in the UK alone
  • UK caterers spend £41 billion each year. A third of this total is spent on labour!
  • A well known fact, but still very valid – people are eating out less, but spending more on average when they do eat out
  • A married male with two children, aged between 25-34 years, living in London and working full time is on average the type of person who would spend most on a meal when eating out of home (no wonder he likes to treat himself, sounds like a hectic lifestyle to me)!
  • The restaurant market is generally segmented by the price of an average meal (i.e. main and drink)
    – Classed as QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) if meal is between £0 and £5
    – Fast Casual if between £5 and £10
    – Casual Dining Restaurant if between £10 – £20
    – Anything above £20 is classed as a FSR (Full Service Restaurant)
  • Retailers often look to foodservice outlets for inspiration on merchandising
  • There are 48,000 pubs across the UK (including pub restaurants). This segment is being driven by managed estates as they have the money to invest in their pubs’ futures
  • The cash and carry market is in decline
  • Main growth areas of the market are in Casual Dining, Mexican Cuisine, Breakfasts and Fast Casual
  • Ones to watch include: Preto (Brazilian steakhouse chain), Pinkberry (frozen yogurt cafes), Coffee #1 (gourmet coffee shops)

The Jellybean team would like to say a big thanks to the guru that is Peter Backman, for all his hard work setting up and preparing such a useful workshop!

To find out more about Horizons and the services they offer visit their website at

*Estimated value as final figures are currently TBC. This figure excludes drink bought in pubs and hotels not served with food.
^Jellybean does not take any responsibility for the strange looks you may get if you throw these great facts into conversations at irrelevant times.

Jellybean Creative is a leading foodservice marketing and foodservice public relations agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice marketing, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.