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Posted on 28th November 2012 in Insight
Written by: Rachel Sumner

At Jellybean we love nothing more than absorbing information. Whether it’s for work or simply to impress friends over dinner!

From magazines, forums, blogs, meetings, social media and newsletters, information is all around us and is there to be consumed.

This week a newsletter pinged into my inbox from Technomic. Having recently attended their first ever UK Briefing in London, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I signed up to their newsletters and have been receiving interesting industry news ever since.

This week was no exception, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some snapshot segments with you…

And they keep on growing.

Established UK brands giving birth to new concepts made for an interesting read. David Wilkinson’s blog looked at examples of this increasing trend and the pro and cons going forward.

From brands such as Giraffe who have recently expanded and opened Giraffe Burgers and Cocktails, which operates in a similar format to the mother brand, to others that have branched out in an entirely different direction such as handmade burger co., a casual dining chain specialising in gourmet burgers created using home-made ingredients which has now ventured into Mexican!

An inevitable direction for brands to go when times are testing, or a brave move that could prove detrimental to the mother ship? Watch this space…

We all love a good stat

How true that is! So for your consumption, below are some juicy stats from research carried out by Technomic into Ethnic Food and Beverages. Enjoy…

·     Three out of four consumers (77%) say they order ethnic foods and flavours away from home at least once a month

·     38% report that they do so weekly

·     Data indicates ample room for operators to leverage consumer interest in ethnic foods and beverages

·     Only a quarter (approx) of consumers are satisfied with the availability of ethnic offerings at limited-service (23%) and full-service (28%) chains

If there is one thing to be learnt from these four stats alone, it’s that there’s a huge opportunity waiting to be taken!

This is just a snap shot, but if either of the above has got your attention and you’d like to know more from Technomic, click here to sign up to their newsletter and you too could be receiving a valuable ping in your inbox!

As for me. I’m off to dinner armed with a bottle of wine and some conversation starters!

Jellybean Creative is a leading food and drink pr agency. We help top brands with foodservice pr, foodservice public relations, digital and design. If you feel we could help you with your marcomms, strategy, public relations, creative or digital then drop us a line today.