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Mobile Websites

Posted on 15th December 2011 in Interesting Stuff
Written by: Andy Wickes

If you haven’t heard it already, here goes.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.


If the future holds anything for your web traffic, it is a proliferation of users browsing from a mobile device. Be it a mobile phone or tablet, ‘wireless’ use is on the rise and will equal desktop use in two years time.

So what are you doing about it? In most cases people are doing very little and at their peril because it is widely agreed in user testing that already exists, that users who browse to a site which does not adapt to suit the device will not return again. Simple as that. That user is lost.

Add to that the need to provide an optimal experience for your users who are using these devices, you can see that more than ever you need to focus on your end users browsing habits as well as their content needs.

So what options are available to you?

Mobile Websites

We can build you a mobile equivalent of your current website and serve this up to your users when browsing on a mobile device. This has the advantage of allowing you to tailor your content exactly to mobile users, ensuring that navigation is optimised for touch, large images that will consume bandwidth and take a long time to download are excluded, and that forms and calls to action are simple to complete with a mobile keypad.

Mobile Themes

With some technical wizardry we can theme your current content to render one way for desktop users, and differently for mobile users. Unlike a distinct mobile website we would only focus on working with the current content and design, rather than redesigning the content entirely, but this does give you an enormous opportunity to adapt your current content and get you up and running serving mobile content in a useful and elegant manner.

Mobile Forms / Landing Pages

If you want to simply poll your users, provide feedback mechanisms, mobile voting via QR codes, we can help you build mobile optimised landing pages or forms to ensure that anyone reading your email or poster can feedback easily via mobile devices.

We’re launching mobile voting at the moment for British Pie Week enabling pubs to encourage customers to vote for their pie via QR codes on posters – users are taken to a mobile optimised landing page where they can submit their vote and show their support for the Great British Pub Pie!.

As ever, get in touch for more information.