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Sundae on the Common!

Posted on 26th July 2011 in Interesting Stuff
Written by: Gary Brazier

Clapham Common to be precise. On Sunday I attended a brilliant afternoon with my family in the summer sunshine at what can only be described as a giant pr event for Ben & Jerry’s.

Free ice cream and helter skelter of fun all afternoon, including seven bands from Gary Numan and Are Friends Electric all the way to Maximo Park with more in between.

What an inspired way to promote your brand. Cherry Garcia definitely on the way out judging by the lack of a queue at that tent!

Which one of our wonderful foodservice brands is going to be the first to organise a music festival? Plenty of queues where they were serving the chips!

Just make sure we’re the only foodservice marketing agency in the frame to publicise it. I’ll be there!