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Street food – this year’s big food trend!

Posted on 23rd June 2011 in Industry News, Insight
Written by: Alex Gore

I’m sure many people, like myself, have travelled to foreign land, roamed the streets and markets sampling the edible delights they have to offer and returned home slightly disappointed by British street cuisine.

Despite greasy burgers, kebabs and chips being a popular kerbside delicacy in modern culture, British street food in the past was surprisingly varied. Thankfully this variety is set to make a comeback and the street food sensation has been predicted to be this year’s big food trend.

Inspired by other food loving nations, Brits are following in the footsteps of destinations such as San Francisco, the home of regular street food festivals. It seems that people are starting to branch out from their standard restaurant visits and venturing to alternative venues such as pop up restaurants and secret cafes. London hotspots such as Camden are filled with food markets and enthusiastic street vendors handing out a tasty variety of dishes, enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Cheap and convenient, street food appeals to everyone and provides generous helpings of what people really want to eat. This can sometimes be more preferable than waiting around in an expensive restaurant to be presented with a microscopically small portion of food taken from a highly pretentious menu.

The trend is great news not just for food lovers but for entrepreneurial street vendors who just want to produce good food to be shared with everyone. Richard Johnson, food expert and writer of the book ‘Street food revolution’ even founded the Street Food Awards, aiming to find Britain’s best street food and vendors. This year’s awards, taking place in September is said to be highly contested with a wide variety of food open to the public for tasting.

As a trend savvy foodservice agency, I’m sure it won’t be long before the jellybeans will be jumping on the bandwagon and sampling these new treats from the streets.