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Size Matters

Posted on 15th June 2011 in Industry News
Written by: Gemma Buckley-Roberts

At some point or another we’ve all looked at what we’re eating, in my case a Big Mac or Wagon Wheel and thought “is it me or is this smaller?”

Some of us may just put it down to growing up, everything looks bigger when you are a kid, but we have proof now that our eyes aren’t deceiving us, our favourite foods are shrinking. The BBC today has reported on grocery products getting smaller. In February, Cadbury reduced the size of its Dairy Milk bars from 140 g to 120 g (the equivalent of two chunks); at the same time, Toblerone was reduced by one triangle.

Manufacturers are saying they’re reducing product sizes then increasing costs to customers but is this just PR spin? How much money is being saved by reducing the bar size when your average chocolate still costs 70p – I can’t help but think of the boffin who calculated that by serving just one less complimentary olive to each customer on flights, an airline would save £40,000 a year.

A quick poll at our foodservice agency revealed that the beans would rather sacrifice their wallets then be denied two chunks of chocolate.

What would you prefer?