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Alternative CV-001-Gemma Buckley-Roberts

Posted on 1st June 2011 in Interesting Stuff
Written by: Gemma Buckley-Roberts

What was your favourite subject at school?

English Literature

What was your best subject at school?
Maths – not that Sue would ever believe that!

What was your first-ever job?
I worked in a chip shop for a summer- I was destined to be in foodservice!

What was your worst ever job?
Working in New Look when I was 16, hell is a changing room in the summer

What was the first music single you bought?
Boom Boom by the Outhere Brothers, people close to me would say my taste hasn’t really improved since then!

What is the most entrepreneurial thing you have ever done?
I don’t think I have an entrepreneurial bone in my body other then attempting to sell things on ebay

What’s the funniest thing you have ever done to a work colleague?
Nicknaming Nick C. wookie

What is your motto in life?
If you want something go for it, nobody is going to give it to you

If you were allowed one dream perk what would it be?
Can I have two, a gym membership and Friday afternoon cocktails please

What’s your favourite movie and why?
I just love films in general, if I had to pick one it would be Leon – amazing film, amazing cast.

If you could pick a celebrity to join the agency who would it be and why?
Cheryl Cole, poor love needs the work!

What luxury would you have on your desert island?
GHD Hair straighteners, if you’ve been witness to my freshly washed barnet you’ll understand why

What animal best reflects your personality and why?
A dog – I moult like one  but apart from that I’d say it’s because I’m loyal and pretty happy as long as I’m fed regularly.

If you could be anybody in the world (alive or dead) who would you be and why?
Kate Middleton, not because of Wills just to get an insight her new royal lifestyle