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Internet World 2011

Posted on 19th May 2011 in Industry News
Written by: Andy Wickes

Jellybean were at Internet World this week, the UK’s premier exhibition on all things online.

To save you carrying all the bags of promotional material across London on the tube, we did it for you and chose to summarise everything here. The executive summary as it were for all your foodservice marketing folk too busy to have attended!

Service providers in attendance this year were made up mostly of mobile application developers, SEO publishers, e-marketing and social media services as well as the usual raft of hosts and CMS vendors.

Mobile Application Developers – the trend this year as opposed to previous years is for developers who are delivering content across Android, Blackberry and Nokia platforms without the need for rebuilding content or code. With the recent advent of the Blackberry app store and with the increasing success of Android, the developer marketplace has caught up.

SEO publishers have finally come around to the reality that the only sure fire way to SEO success is via good content. FINALLY! Rather than the SEO presence being made up of shady characters promising all sorts of sorcery to push your site up the rankings they have finally realised that content is (if you pardon the cliché) king. Many of the SEO companies promised results by engaging teams of writers to compose and aggregate articles surrounding your brand / product / services and circulate them around blogs with back links to your site. In other cases News Feeds had developed products where you could embed relevant, breaking news onto your site to ensure fresh, compelling content is always available and thus improve rankings.

Social Media services were almost exclusively centred around online reputation management systems which monitor the internet, blogs, social networks and the like for pre-determined keywords and will tag them based on sentiment. These are fast becoming essential systems to ensure that your reputation across the internet is maintained, and giving you the brand owner the ability to engage with your audience wherever they happen to be. In short, you are no longer in control of your brand, and it has never been more important to engage with it wherever it or your customers are.

Needless to say Jellybean are on top of all of this so if you wish to discuss any of the above, or anything related to your digital marketing presence, then get in touch.