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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Posted on 12th April 2011 in Gossip, Interesting Stuff
Written by: Gemma Buckley-Roberts

We’re in the midst of a mini heat wave and this weekend I  got to enjoy my first ‘99’ of the season, which got me thinking where did the name 99 come from? One theory is the 70 year old ice cream got its name when Cadbury’s launched a shorter version of its Flake bar – called a Flake 99 – for the ice cream trade.

In my research I stumbled across some stats on the ice cream  market which I thought I’d share whilst we enjoy a  choc ice in the sunshine…

•    The people of Scotland and Northern Ireland eat more ice cream on average than those in England and Wales.
•    The average person in the UK eats 9 litres of ice cream every year with the Americans eating more than 20 litres per year!
•    Men are more likely to choose ice cream as a dessert than women.
•    Ice Cream Sundaes were created when it became illegal to sell ice cream with flavoured soda on a Sunday in the American town of Evanston during the late 19th century. Some traders got round it by serving it with syrup instead, calling it an ‘Ice Cream Sunday’ and eventually replacing the final ‘y’ with an ‘e’ to avoid upsetting religious leaders
•    Most ice cream contains more milk protein weight for weight than is present in milk itself
•    Today most ice creams contain only 5% fat and plenty of calcium, minerals and vitamins
•    There are over 1,000 ice cream companies in the U.K. producing hundreds of flavours.
•    Vanilla remains the favourite ice cream being chosen nine times out of ten.
•    Savoury flavoured ice creams available to buy include Smoked Bacon and Egg, Black Pepper, Chilli and even Black Pudding and Newcastle Brown! I really want to try Green Tea.
•    If you only take a few scoops from a large tub of ice cream, protect the quality of the ice cream by preventing air getting to it by scrunching up a few pieces of greaseproof paper and put these on top of the ice cream before replacing the lid.
•    Ice crystals in ice cream show that it has been badly kept i.e. it has been allowed to thaw and then refrozen. If you detect ice crystals you should throw the ice cream away.

Source: Ice Cream Alliance