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Forget Bush Tucker Trials…think Bush Tucker Menus!

Posted on 11th April 2011 in Industry News, Interesting Stuff
Written by: Jen Dugdale

As a dedicated Foodservice marketing and PR agency, Jellybean has come across some funny fads when it comes to crazy concoctions for our menus. But this one really has to be up there with the kookiest. And most stomach-churning.

The latest groundbreaking idea when it comes to spicing up your menu is…wait for it…eating bugs! Apparently feasting on creepy crawlies will improve your diet, slash your food budget and cut global carbon emissions.

According to Dutch scientist Arnold van Huis, insects are high in protein, cost less to raise and have only a small carbon footprint.

This all sounds great, but we’re forgetting one thing. No one wants to eat bugs!!

Just imagine stepping out in your Sunday best for a slap up meal of Grasshopper Springrolls, followed by Mealworm Quiche and, if you can fit it in, a dessert of Chocolate Pralines with Buffalo Worms.

And you think I’m making this up? Oh no. These are actual recipes created by chef Henk van Gurp, whose top tip is to sprinkle your dish with mealworms for extra protein and a delicious crunch!

Believe it or not there’s even a cookbook in the pipeline, full of bug foods in an attempt to make these delectable pests a more appetising prospect.

These Dutch creators reckon that once well-known chefs get on board, others will follow. Can you imagine Gordon Ramsey delighting his Claridges guests with Grasshopper Springrolls? Heston maybe…but I’m not convinced this will catch on.

Who knows, maybe in a few years time we may start to see insects crawl onto our menus. For now I think I’ll stick to my steak and chips!