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Whatever the Weather

Posted on 5th April 2011 in Industry News
Written by: Jen Dugdale

The Jellybean team love a good cocktail or three on a nice Summer’s evening which may not be good news for 2011 as the long-term forecast predicts we’re in for a wet Summer. So keep your brollies handy because apparently it’s going to be even worse than the last couple of years! Oh goodie.

Some product lines are so affected by changes in weather that even a degree or two increase in temperature can make sales increase by 400% over a short period. It’s not hard to figure out why people buy more ice cream, beer, salad and leg wax when it’s hot, but increasingly businesses are referring to the Met Office forecasts to help them make strategic commercial decisions on stock and promotions.   Getting it right can reap massive rewards but when wrong it can be very costly.

In the foodservice industry the weather this Summer will have an affect on seasonal food and drink sales and a canny operator will  use Met Office information as a powerful strategic tool and be ready to capitalise on the sales potential it offers however short the window of opportunity.

Some brands are trying to iron out the seasonal risk.  We southerners love a BBQ with a refreshing glass of icy cold Pimms but despite its posh positioning Pimms is planning to push up North to find new sales for the bleak summer forecasted! Converting the average northerner from a pint of Boddies to a posh Pimms is a marketing campaign worth watching out for.  Whatever next eh?!

So it looks like Mother Nature may rear her ugly head again! But we are going to take the “glass half full” approach…the weather men and women don’t always get it right! Fingers crossed…chink chink!