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Pop-up’s – the tasty ones not the annoying ones!

Posted on 4th April 2011 in Funnies, Industry News, Insight
Written by: Susan Bolam

Thanks to Peter Martin of Peach for flagging this interesting article from ‘’ on pop-up restaurants*.

As a dedicated foodservice marketing agency one of the things we love about this industry is how dynamic it is and you don’t get much more exciting than pop-up restaurants! From a 140 square meter portable glass terrace in Brussels to clandestine venues in the East End of London, pop-up restaurants seem to be popping up all over the place! Maybe we should consider a jellybean pop-up restaurant? I think we could pull together a pretty eclectic ‘set menu’ from some of the dishes that have made it into the office over the past year (apologies for any left out!)…

Jellybean ‘Virtual’ Pop-up Restaurant

Aperitif: Champagne (courtesy of Fiona from
Starter: Marmite & Goats Cheese Bites (by Sam Rooke – the world’s biggest marmite fan! using Jus-rol pastry)
Main: Arancini Balls: (by Sam Rooke using Tilda rice – what else!)
Dessert: Cupcakes (by Katie & Myself) / Banana Bread (by Charlie) / Sue’s Famous Marble Cake (by Sue)
Petit Fours: Pecan & Butterscotch Brittle (by Jayne) & (of course) Gourmet Jelly Belly Jellybeans!
Tea & Coffee courtesy of Twinings & Douwe Egbert’s

Wine list available at

With an offer like that Leatherhead won’t know what’s hit it!

*For more on pop-up restaurants see this link