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Bye Bye IE6

Posted on 16th March 2011 in Industry News
Written by: Andy Wickes

It turns out that Microsoft are finally getting behind the movement to encourage people away from using Internet Explorer 6.

What’s all the fuss about then? It’s only a browser isn’t it? Why the fuss over Version 6.

Well, for a start, Microsoft are shortly to launch Internet Explorer (IE)9. So we’re already 3 versions behind.

So we’re three versions behind? What’s the impact of that?

Well, quite a lot in actuality. The web has moved on significantly since the launch of version 6. Browsers are now capable of rendering a lot more functionality on web pages a lot easier than before. This is because the design of the physical web pages on your site are only a small part of the experience that is your website. Your browser and it’s rendering engine plays a large part in how those pages are displayed. If you have a modern website and are viewing it via an old browser (IE6 for example) you may find that you are not seeing some functions or design properties that a more up to date browser may render.

More to the point, you will find that your designers are spending a lot of time building in failovers to your web pages to ensure that older browsers such as IE6 are able to render your design and functionality in the same way that modern browsers do. To that end is it well worth checking out what percentage of your site traffic uses older browsers and to see whether you need to continue supporting those users in your code. If the percentage is very small then you can adjust your development accordingly, ensuring a good experience for users with older browsers, but focusing your development towards the most popular browsers, which more than likely support more exciting features.

Speak to your agency about what browsers you ought to support and how your website is (or isn’t!) supporting newer features.