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A foodie weekend

Posted on 16th February 2011 in Gossip
Written by: Jen Dugdale

I spent my weekend in London having a well-earned break from the dieting. And what a break it was too; more like a giant leap backwards! To celebrate four years with my other half, we decided to go for a weekend in London, which was supposed to be about sight-seeing, the theatre and enjoying each other’s company. Instead, it ended up as a total food-fest!

We started the day off in Dishoom, London’s new raved about Bombay Cafe in Covent Garden. Dishoom was started up by Shamil Thakrar, consultant turned entrepreneur, who saw an exciting gap in the market. The atmosphere was great with funny little quirks including a whiteboard of the cafe’s ‘rules’ which demanded anything from No Smoking to No Combing Hair!

After a nice strong Americano nattily served in a tumbler glass, we tucked into a bacon and sausage naan, served with chilli jam, a yoghurty mint sauce and heaps of fresh coriander. What a way to start the day…we could have eaten three of these delicious and innovative breakfast treats.

After a very satisfying breakfast in Dishoom, we later ended up at the hub of great food in London – Borough Market. We meandered our way through the crowds seeking out any signs of freebie samples and give-aways and somehow found room for a hot Roast Pork and Stuffing cob.

All around the market workers were cooking up delectable dishes that looked and smelt fantastic – anything from Paella to fish curries and even ostrich burgers! Not only did we eat a lot, we also spent a lot too. We splashed out on some Jamaican Cashews and Wasabi Peanuts and a little (but expensive) tub of Spanish olives in sundried tomatoes.

An hour of plodding my way round the market left me feeling incredibly full of food and we jumped back onto the tube feeling more like having a nap than heading to Buckingham Palace!

Later on at night it was time for our evening meal. So after a couple of pre-dinner drinks we made our way through the bustling evening London streets to Pho in Soho. Pho is a delightful Vietnamese restaurant which does fantastic and authentic hot and spicy foods.

We had our usual Veggie Summer Rolls to start, followed by my favourite Spicy Chicken Soup with Pho noodles. A couple of bottles of Saigon beer later and this was the perfect end to a great weekend of great food.

Well, it was supposed to be the end…

Pho in Soho is wickedly situated a couple of doors down from the Hummingbird Bakery and I have a severe inability to walk past this place without buying a Black-bottom Cupcake (otherwise known as a heart-attack in a cake) but my god they’re good!

This week I’ve decided…I’m not looking at the scales until I feel significantly lighter!