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Good Food Finder

Posted on 26th July 2010 in Insight
Written by: Jen Dugdale

In recent years the importance of sourcing locally produced food has made its way higher and higher up the list of consumer concerns when buying food and drink. Not only is it good to know exactly where your produce has come from but it also helps to support the local community, which can often be overwhelmed by large supermarkets – who most likely source their beef from Brazil. As great as it would be to be able to buy everything local it is often difficult to know where to go to get it, which leads people to take the supermarket option.

Thankfully, Lurpak, the Danish butter company, have launched the Good Food Finder to help locate producers of fantastic local products in all areas. It is extremely simple to use, just enter a postcode and select a category, or leave it open. So whether you are searching for something specific or just want to know what is available in your area you will almost certainly stumble across a gastronomic gem you didn’t know existed.

Alternatively, if your local butcher sells the most tender meat joints or the farm shop around the corner delivers the most flavoursome strawberries, you can tell the whole world about it by putting your own recommendation on the site. Although, don’t then be disappointed if they have sold out the next time you go in!

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