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Working worries over World Cup

Posted on 8th June 2010 in Gossip
Written by: Jen Dugdale

There is panic from bosses that the World Cup may prove to be detrimental to employee's productivity over the coming weeks. According to Channel 4, news managers fear that up to £1billion worth of production could be lost during the World Cup competition. "A majority of employers feared that "endless" conversations about football will divert employees' attention from their job, and they suspected that soccer-loving employees were planning to take unauthorised time off to watch games." ( 08.06.10)

However, there are ways to work around this possible source of work-place tension. Sainsbury's, for example, has introduced a 'World Cup Working Hours' scheme in order to prevent any miserable staff while still allowing the business to run smoothly. The Grocer reports, "Staff will be able to book time off, swap days with colleagues, start or finish earlier and time breaks to coincide with kick-offs for the tournament's four-week duration". They will also be able to take un-paid leave if they so desire.

Clearly, for those employees who do not have shift work this sort of system would be unsuitable. FM World (June edition) suggests more office friendly alternatives such as booking annual leave in advance for the big matches, working from home or keeping track of the score via the internet on your desktop. Lucky employees may find their boss is a football fanatic and may therefore be more tolerant of World Cup induced procrastination.

Of course, this issue is almost entirely dependent on how far England progress in the tournament, so bosses may find that the problem only lasts a short while!