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Breaking the habit

Posted on 29th April 2010 in Insight
Written by: Jen Dugdale

It is hard to remember a time before discounts were available for almost everything almost all of the time. We are inundated with them from various angles for every aspect of our lives; restaurants, clothing, days out…

The Morning Advertiser reports on research from which states that an astounding 1,692 vouchers are redeemed every minute in the UK, which is 25% more than last year. Despite the fact that we are slowly emerging from the recession it seems the spending habits we picked up during the tough times won't be going anywhere fast.

Foodservice may be the area that is hit the hardest. Many people will only eat at restaurants that are offering a discount. It is now almost expected of them, especially at the mid-spend level places such as Pizza Express, Café Rouge, Prezzo etc. With savings from vouchers estimated at 2.4 billion per month, it will be a hard pill to swallow when we have to go back to paying full price for our meals.