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A voucher on every street corner

Posted on 13th April 2010 in Gossip
Written by: Jen Dugdale

Vouchers offering discounts and deals at restaurants have become so common since the start of the recession that consumers are unfazed by the bombardment of bargains from a variety of sources. Be it discount websites like, newspapers, magazines or emails from restaurants you have given your address to in order to receive their previous offer.

However, Eat Out (12.04.10) reports that Pizza Hut have hit on a novel way to entice customers. Launching a new advertising campaign that will appear on the screens of cash machines, the chain are targeting consumers during the last week of every month – when most people are paid. Considering the offer includes pizza, pasta or salad with garlic bread and a drink for only £4, I'm sure that potential customers will be able to spare this small expense any time of the month.

Nevertheless, it is a clever and unique way of reaching out to the public that other restaurant chains such as Pizza Express and Prezzo, well known for their generous discounts, have not yet stumbled upon.