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Lent – the results!

Posted on 1st April 2010 in Gossip
Written by: Jen Dugdale

In February Cat asked some of us beans what we would be giving up for lent. Here are the results, which I have to say, are not too impressive!

Cat – chocolate: Only caved on Mother’s Day (which she claims the Bible allows, I am not so sure). However she redeemed herself by buying the office Mini Eggs and not touching them even though they are in her line of sight!

Gemma – chocolate: Failed miserably.

Kim – bagels: Says she only did this to humour Cat and has been munching away on bagels the whole time.

Sue – white bread: Received a bread machine for her birthday (the day after Lent began I might add) and obviously had to try the results, another fail.

Katie – sugar in tea and coffee: We may have our winner here, Katie has successfully resisted temptation.

Susan – chocolate: Another chocoholic bites the dust. This seems to be the hardest thing to give up!

Jayne – chocolate and crisps: Appears to have conquered the challenge but then admitted that she doesn’t like chocolate that much and so it wasn’t much of a sacrifice in the first place!

Andy – bread: Andy has also been unsuccessful as I saw him with a baguette yesterday!

Sam – crisps, sweets, chips and cakes (as well as chocolate for the whole year!): Cracked on the sweets front (she is working her way through a packet of Refreshers as I type) but claims that Jellybabies are essential running companions. I think we can let her off due to her amazing will power in all other areas, including running the marathon!

Me – gave up not doing my ironing: Not exactly giving up an indulgence I know, more like giving up being lazy on the domestic front. I still failed.

So there you have it. It seems that 46 days between Shrove Tuesday and Easter Sunday is far too long for most of us Jellybeans to go without our favourite things. I hope everybody else managed a lot better!

Wishing you a happy Easter break from all of the Jellybeans!